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Buraq Travels required following Points from every individual intending to travel for Hajj or Umrah.

Original passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel

Passport must have minimum four empty pages.

Color Copy of US Passport.

If foreign Passport: Notarized color copy with Green card, H1 Visa U.S or re-entry permit.

Hajj Visa Application filled-out with black ink or printed.

Four color passport size photo with white background.

Vaccination records or certificate for Meningitis.

Copy of marriage certificate for couples if traveling and family names are different.

Copy of birth certificate for children if they are traveling.

Sister over 45 traveling alone required letter of permission from Mahram.

New Muslim, who has not changed their names, requires a copy of Shahadah certificate.

Airline ticket/itinerary and Hotel conformation receipt.


Two sets of Ihram and pack them in different baggage.

Two pairs of flip-flops, pair of shoes, sleeping bag, bed sheet and air pillow.

Prayer Mat (Musalah), Tasbeeh, and Qur’an.

Water bottle, nose mask, hand fan.

Take toothbrush, toothpaste, Miswaak, paper towels, tissue paper and wipes

Take regular bath towels & soap or shampoo, perfume or ittar.

Take small garbage bags, Zip lock and shopping bags.

Take your daily medicines, first aid kit and extra pair of eye glasses.

Snack bars, mixed nuts, dry fruit, Gatorade powder and or small salt packs.

If taking small scissor, nail cutter, sewing kit, and small knife pack in checked-in luggage.

Daily use cloths 3 to 5 sets. Keep one set in hand-carry in case baggage lost or delay.

Take wheelchair if handicap or elderly person accompany with you.

Unlock mobile phone or separate GSM Tri or Quad band mobile phone.

Take minimum $300 to $500 Cash and Credit card but avoid traveler’s checks.

Keep Hard/soft Copies of your Passport, Green card and Airline ticket.

Check Transit Visa, if you’re visiting other country.

List of important phone numbers, including American consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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